Sea Arama Marineworld

was an animal/entertainment park in Galveston, Texas, for 25 years.  Opened in 1965 as one of the first ocean theme parks in the nation, it featured more than 25 acres, including a 4 acre ski lake, and a 50 foot long, 160,000 gallon aquarium.  This aquarium held large and small fish as well as large sharks that were part of the shark feeding shows.  Many kids and parents enjoyed the dolphins, sea-lions, killer whales, bird shows, ski shows, sharks, big cats, snakes, fish aquariums, turtles, sea otters, pelicans, and more.  In 1988 it was the number one tourist attraction in Galveston, until the larger more flashy Sea World Park opened in San Antonio, and contributed to its closing in 1990.  Other contributing factors were rising costs and owner's reluctance to invest large sums to modernize the park. The last show was performed on Jan 14, 1990.



This page is dedicated to the memory of Sea Arama and all the good times it brought to the lives of those who visited.


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